I have a new Jack Russell puppy that chews EVERYTHING. What are the best puppy toys I should get?

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All puppies chew because it’s their way of learning about the world around them. They want to know what they can eat, chew, or play with. As a new puppy parent, your job is to tell him what he can or cannot chew. Always give him a toy he can chew on after you say no. This way he will quickly learn what is his and what is yours, saving your furniture and shoes from any damage. They will teethe early on and want to chew even more to soothe irritation caused by teething and to help remove the loose teeth. Avoid cheap toys. Yes, they may save you a little in the purse department, but due to poor quality materials, they easily rip apart and swallowed, causing medical problems like blockages in their stomachs that will require a vet.

As for the best puppy toys, I have compiled a short list to give you a few ideas.

Kong makes high-quality toys for dogs. Even with the most aggressive chewer, Kong can withstand their teeth. Thankfully, Jack Russell puppies cannot do much damage to their toys, but you will still want to choose quality toys to reduce the risk of your pup swallowing any loose pieces. Kong makes a large variety of puppy toys for all sized pups. Kong is worldwide known, and purchasing these toys is easy to do online or in any pet store.

A few of the best puppy toys include Puppy Kong Toy: not only a chew toy but also aids as a treat dispenser for training and rewarding your pup. It will also promote chewing the toy as well. Kong Cozie Dog Toy: not only helps little chewers, it gives him comfort when in their crate. Kong Low Stuffing Squeaker: Dogs love squeaker toys. Not only will it promote chewing, it will comfort him, and endless playtime.

Mammoth Flossy Chews make fantastic rope toys. Not only will it give your newest family member hours of chewing fun, but it will also keep their teeth nice and clean. Also, you will have hours of fun playing games like tug of war and fetch with your new puppy.

Toys like Nylabones are versatile toys. They come in meaty flavours like beef and chicken, which help encourage your puppy to chew on the toy and not your shoes. Putting them in the freezer will help soothe pain from teething; your pup will thank you for this tip.

Not all puppies will have the same preference for toys. Some will only like stuffies, where others will only like tennis balls. Be prepared for trial and error until you find the right toys for your puppy. The toys you get should not be just for them to chew on, get interactive toys that you can use to play with your pup. He will need stimulation from you to encourage him to play and chew on his new toys, but this will also induce the bonding between you and your pup. Toys are also a great aid for training and for comfort in their crate when you need to leave him alone.

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