How can I ensure the best care for dogs and puppies?

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Placing your heart and soul into the best possible care for dogs and puppies can be one of the most rewarding challenges in the life of any individual. It is widely known that owning a dog is a major stress reliever. Providing a warm home and proper care in return for a dog's love and compassion is one of the most fulfilling relationships any pet owner can ask for. Many Americans own at least one dog, still, thousands reside in shelters or kennels around the country, in search of a forever - home. Some who have a love for animals, often volunteer their time at their local animal shelters, or contribute donations for necessities, such as food and veterinary care. Others open their homes to provide temporary foster care until they are adopted.

Upon beginning the journey of life, puppies act with curiosity toward just about everything. Puppies require adequate supervision, much more than adult dogs. They need to go outside more often, and should be rewarded for doing their business with a bite size treat, as a part of positive learning. In some cases, puppies require to be fed more often to ensure proper growth and development. It is recommended to keep anything hazardous out of the reach of a puppy due to their extreme curiosity. keep in mind, puppies are highly known to chew on things beside their toys. Being a personal choice depending on the pet owner, the use of a crate can definitely come in as a handy tool in the process of training a puppy. A crate should be used and created as a comfort zone, with their bed, and a few favorite toys. Crates should never be used as a form of punishment, so they don't develop a fear of their crate.

Adult dogs require a lot less maintenance than that of puppies. Once they learn the ropes, and grow accustom to your daily routine, they are much more comfortable. Diet and weight control are two major key factors in the health of a dog. A wise choice to assist in weight control is to take your dog on a daily walk, at least ten or twenty minutes. Recommended feeding all depends on the size and breed of your dog, but most commonly should be fed twice per day. Treats and table scraps should be kept to a minimum to assist in their overall health. Vaccinations for certain canine diseases are highly recommended if your dog is commonly socialized with other dogs, to prevent the spread of disease. Another personal choice depending on the dog owner, is spaying and neutering. If you are not looking into breeding, it would be a good choice to spay or neuter your dog. Later in life, for a dog whom is not spayed or neutered, serious health problems can make themselves present, including certain cancers.

To give every ounce of compassion and care for dogs and puppies, is truly a wonderful choice to make. Thousands of dogs spending their lives in shelters need homes. If you have a high level of care and compassion, open your home to a dog in need.

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