Should I adopt a dog?

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Should I Adopt a Dog?

Whether to get a dog or not is a big question to answer, and one that you should not rush into making. The deciding factors are the amount of time and space you have to give. You also need to decide where you will get a dog from. It boils down to one choice: adopt or shop, and it is always advised to take the first option if you can.

When you adopt a dog, the small fee you pay will help many other animals find the homes they deserve. Public donations are what keep shelters running, and every little bit helps. You could see it as paying it forward, with a positive ripple effect touching many human and non-human lives. Each good act makes the world a better place for us to live in, and this kind of compassion has its own reward. Not only will you save a life, you will make it possible for other lives to be far happier ones as well.

The biggest reason adoption is better than buying is that it is the only way we can put an end to puppy mills. Puppy films are also known as puppy farms, and are famous for the inhumane conditions in which the animals live. The dogs are supplied to meet the perceived need, and animals are treated like breeding machines. The only way to stop them is to cut off support.

There are between six and eight million dogs in shelters at any time, and these refuges struggle to cope. Many different breeds of dogs end up in shelters, and it is often assumed that it is because of the animal. These dogs are not to blame, however, and those who have followed this route can attest to the fact that the error is almost always a human one.

Shelter dogs cost less too, especially when it comes to purebred animals. New owners can look forward to accepting a socialised, microchipped, vaccinated, healthy dog into their homes from the word go.

You will be able to minimise compatibility issues by adopting rather than buying as well. The dog's personality will be in place, and you can find one that suits your needs. You can save time and energy with an adult dog, since they don't need to be house-trained, and adult dogs are calmer. This makes them more able to fit into your lifestyle quicker if you find the right fit.

Dogs add many advantages to their owner's lives, and studies have proved the benefits of owning one. Psychological benefits include lowering of stress and depression, and physical ones include weight-loss. The exercise the animal needs helps humans in many ways, and the unconditional love does the rest.

Dog ownership can give people a sense of purpose, and equip them to better handle everyday stress. These animals can fight loneliness thanks to the companionship they offer, and people can also make new friends, thanks to the four-legged conversation-starter they have by their side.

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