What kind of dog care products do I need when I buy a dog?

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It sounds like a great idea; buying a dog to fill your home and your heart. What some people don't realise is that a dog brings responsiblities and those responsibilities need money in this case. When you buy a dog you will need to put money aside for things like vet bills, dog care products, food, and more. If you're lucky then you won't have to add a budget for things your puppy has broken. A lot of the time the breeder will have already given the puppy all the shots it needs before you take him home with you. He might even give you some dog care products like a brush, a toy and some food.

But what else do you need?

You should definitely look for a doggy bed if you don't want your dog to lie on the sofa. If you have a leather sofa you risk getting scratch marks on the leather and if you have a sofa made out of fabrics then you will definitely get dog hair all over it. A doggy bed isn't mandatory but it does prove to be useful.

A leash is a must-have when you own a dog. There are certain places where your dog is allowed to walk without a leash but chances are that you will have to walk through an area where that's not allowed first. Walking your dog off leash can not only give you a huge fine but it could also create unwanted situations between your dog and another dog. It would be smart to buy a leash with doggy poop bags unless you want to get fined for that as well.

Another must-have is a bowl for the food and water to go in. I think this pretty much speaks for itself. You wouldn't eat off the ground so why should your dog?

A flea comb, dog shampoo and nail clippers could all come in handy as well. A flea comb is always welcome seen as most dogs will come with fleas; it's very common for puppies to have fleas so don't get mad at your breeder.

Dog shampoo is good for dogs who have a very unpleasant smell or simply just get dirty a lot. Breeds like the Siberian husky don't really need baths unless they've become extremely dirty but even then, they won't need shampoo. Take your breed into consideration before buying this.

Just like the Siberian husky doesn't need shampoo, there are also breeds out there who won't need nail clippers. Research whether your dog's nails need to be mannually clipped or if they wear off enough by walking.

To finish this list, make sure you buy some toys and some chew material for your new dog or your furniture won't last very long. Take the weight and breed of your dog into consideration when buying these. A malamute will easily bite through a fluffy toy and ruin it and a Maltese will not be able to bite through a bone made for a German shepherd.

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