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If you own a wolf-hybrid, you have a very special breed of animal. You have two animals inside one body, very similar but also extremely different. The wolf dog is a creature like no other. He craves your attention but when you go to give it, he runs to hide. Just when you believe you have his complete trust, he will dart from you as quickly as smoke.

Training your wolf-hybrid may be possible for a few simple tricks, but do not ever believe he will be one to fetch you your slippers or bring in the morning paper. You can get him to sit with enough practice. He will also heel. You will get him to learn his name and come to you when called. He will do all the basics other dogs do.

You will not get him to "speak". For one reason, wolf-dogs rarely bark. If you have more than one dog along with your hybrid and the dogs begin barking, you will hear your wolf-dog begin to howl. It is one of the most lovely and truly haunting sounds you will ever hear. Now if you want to teach him to howl on command, and you do not feel silly doing it, begin howling yourself. After a few tries, you and your hybrid will be baying at the moon together, or doing it at any time of day.

That will be about as close as you will come to training your wolf-hybrid. Remember these animals are half wolf. If they were to released back to the wild, in no time flat, the wolf inside would completely become dominant and take over the dog genes and you would have a wild beast on your hands. You would be shocked at how fast your hybrid would lose his sweet pup side and become a raging wolf.

You can train your wolf-dog-hybrid to walk on a lease if you can get him to follow the heel command and if you can get him to stay at your side when you walk. He cannot be in front of you pulling on the lease or being disobedient in any way. You have the lead, you must always let him know you are leader of the pack. If the wolf world, female wolves are the leaders. That is the natural order so you may have more trouble with a female wolf hybrid accepting you as pack leader than a male unless you are a female.

When you have your wolf-dog outside, you should always have him on some sort of tie-down. Wolf-hybrids do not like strangers in the least and are extremely wary of anyone, young or old, who tries to approach them to pet them. Their wolf sense immediately comes into play and they go into attack mode. People without wolf hybrids do not understand this and believe they see a big furry bear they can go rub and pet it. This is so very dangerous. You must be in watch mode at all times when you have your wolf-hybrid around strangers.

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