The Short and Small of the Care of Teacup Puppies

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Teacup puppies, or puppies under 5 pounds, are becoming more and more popular as pets because of their portability and a misconception of being less work than a bigger dog might be. Of course, teacups are quite portable but they are not less work, as some might believe! In fact, the care of teacup puppies is just as involved as any animal and perhaps even more so in that they require constant supervision (all of the teacups I have met have a remarkable tendency of not realizing how small they are and getting into terrible trouble because of it).

In short, it is not a responsibility you should take lightly. Bringing home a tiny puppy is like bringing home a newborn infant. They need to monitored to keep from hurting themselves and given food and water at regular intervals. Some, if it is a shorthaired breed, may have trouble staying warm in the beginning and require a cozy shirt (or lots of cuddles). They should NEVER be left alone with small children or any person not devoted to supervising them fully. Play time with kids should always be supervised, as should any playtime outdoors--teacup puppies can look like tiny prey for very large birds!

Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, can and often does occur in these minute puppies. One of the basics in the care of teacup puppies is to allow access to dry, high quality dog food with small pieces at all times. The puppy should also have a crate or other closed off "safe space" for regular feedings of either wet food or soaked dry food at least twice a day because even with dry food available many puppies will forget to eat if they are having fun! This "safe space" should also be where the puppy stays when you are too busy to watch him or her carefully and at night, as they will get into just as much trouble as any other puppy if left to their own devices.

Many people also think teacup puppies to be sickly and fragile because of the amount of work they require, but this is simply not true. Any puppy can be sickly and fragile if not cared for properly and owning and loving a teacup puppy can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Bringing any new animal into your life is a big commitment and responsibility--you are welcoming a new family member! Teacup puppies are just the same as any bigger dog, and much easier to carry in your purse (a plus, who doesn't want their "fur babies" with them all the time?), and are just as loving, rambunctious, and playful as any toy, miniature or standard sized dog. They are fiercely loyal and will be incredibly devoted and protective of their families because while everyone else sees them as small, they don't see it all! They can be independent and cuddly all at the same time and will be a playful, joyful companion for many years.

Good luck and remember, puppies, above all else, are about love and fun!

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