How Do I Crate Train a Puppy?

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Congratulations on adopting a new puppy. You have a made a great decision because this new four-legged puppy will soon be a part of your family. However, at first there will be a few challenges along the way for you to deal with. One of the best things that you can do for you puppy is give him a crate. When people hear this, they often question, "How do I crate train a puppy?"

Why Crate Train?

If you plan to keep your new addition in the house, crate training will give you an advantage on house breaking him as well as training him to do other things. It will also ensure that when you are away from home, your new puppy will not be able to tear up your home.

The crate also benefits the new puppy. It gives him a “safe” place to go. Dogs like to live in dens when they are in the wild. The crate will ensure that he has his den.

The problem is, at first, it will be a challenge for both of you. To crate train your new puppy, you will need to have patience and he will have to learn that it is his place to stay. This is where things may get complicated.

The Training Process

It is best if you have the crate set up when you first bring your puppy home. If you do not have it at that time, you need to get it quickly so that you can start training.

The first step is to introduce the puppy to the crate. Do not just put him in the crate and expect him to be happy.

It is best if you can put him near the crate and allow him to sniff around it. Put soft blankets and perhaps a toy for him inside. You can put him into the crate, but do not rush to close the door. You are trying to build his trust in the crate. Closing it too soon will make him worry. If he does not respond well to it at first, you can put a treat inside to show him that it is a good place.

If he starts to get sleepy, put him into the crate. Take him out of the crate to go to the bathroom immediately when he wakes up. This will also work to start house breaking.

Persistence is the key here. Take it slow and eventually he will warm up to the idea of his crate.

What to Avoid while Crate Training?

When crate training a puppy there are a few things you need to keep in mind and avoid. For instance, during the time that he is sleeping in his crate, avoid making loud noises or bumping into the crate because this will scare him. This means kids should be watched when they are near the crate.

You also need to try to limit his time locked inside the crate. Otherwise, it will seem more like punishment. He needs to be able to interact with you and your family. Try to take him out every couple hours when you are home, when he wakes up, and anytime that you are able to spend time with him. It will help him to feel safe within your home.

You must also keep in mind that he is a puppy. He will want to be close to you and your family and if he is not with you, he will whine. Do not give him attention for whining in his crate. Yelling at him may be interpreted as attention. Take him out and play with him during the quiet times and you will soon see that the whining will stop.

No matter how hard crate training may be for you and your four-legged pal, anger will never do either of you any favors when you are trying to crate train a puppy. Keep calm and remain patient. The rewards will be a happy life together.

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