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Congratulations! You are adopting a puppy or rescue dog. Before taking on this role there are some things you should consider about puppy and dog care. Getting a dog or a puppy can be related to having children, they require attention, and with most breeds if you do not satisfy their needs, they can be destructive in telling you.

If you work 8 or more hours per day and live alone it would not be good for a dog to live with you, unless you could take them with you to work. Puppies are full of energy and if you don't walk them they will destroy anything in their path. With smaller breeds such as Jack Russell walking 30 minutes twice a day should tire your pup, larger breeds such as German Shepard you would need to double that. Choosing the right food is very important with puppy and dog care. When adopting your puppy or older dog you should ask for a sample of the food that the dog is on, or where you can buy the food they have been regularly consuming.

If you were to change a dogs diet overnight it could cause diarrhea. To change the dogs food you should mix both foods (previous owners food & your chosen food) together and over a period of a few days give less of the old and more of the new. It is important to remember that this commitment can last up to 20 years, many people are known to get puppies over the holiday session, only to realize they are not capable to satisfy all the needs of the dog, and leave the dog abandoned. One big problem for new dog owners are the lack of rental properties that are dog friendly. Landlords have the choice to refuse animals to be in their property so it is important to check with your landlord before getting a puppy or dog.

If you are ever planning to leave the country, are you prepared to pay a lot of money for vaccinations and special transport fees, or have you got someone in your family that could look after your canine friend when your gone.

Researching care for pups and dogs should be done well before you get a dog. If you have accepted the responsibility and decided you want a dog, the first thing you should do is choose the type of dog that would suit you. Register to local animal rescue for adoption or if you interested in buying from a breeder, research the breed of interest and make sure you are ready to handle it. Some pure bred dogs are more prone to injuries and diseases such as arthritis and cancer.

Once you have your dog you should get pet insurance, It can be heart breaking if your dog has an accident and you can not afford the treatment to keep the dog alive. Always be prepared and hold an emergency vets phone number, somewhere that is local to you.

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