Am I Ready To Be a First Time Pet Owner?

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You may be asking yourself “Is getting a dog or cat really worth the hassle?” Well, I’d say yes. But before you do, let’s go over some important key considerations.

There truly is a lot to consider before you make the leap and pick up a fluffy friend. Personal time, small amounts of disposable income and consistent commitment are three main factors that should be pondered. Commitment is truly the most important aspect before picking up a pet.

Many people feel the idea of becoming a first time pet owner a very novel and lovely idea. However, once the image they had in their head is slightly skewed by the reality that pets make mistakes, they sometimes try to return the offending animal. This is why our shelters are full of unwanted pets today.

Having a pet is often a enriching and fulfilling experience. Long cuddle fests, the adoring eyes holding you in the highest esteem regardless of how you feel, walks in the park, and most importantly a lifelong friend.

So, once you’ve committed yourself to your decision to adding a pet to your family, think about this before becoming a first time pet owner.

Check out the shelter for animal rescue dogs! Often times, pets have been cast away because a would-be pet owner decided the responsibility was too much. Maybe there was a new baby in the house and a first time mother was concerned about the infant. There are millions of unwanted animals in shelters. Before you make up your mind on the Labrador, check out your local animal rescues or shelters!

After you’ve found a rescue or located your dog shelter, consider the next important factors when choosing the type of dog.

1.)Get a dog with energy that reflects your own. If you are super laid back and go with the flow you don’t need a high energy dog like a mixed lab or small bouncy Pomeranian. As cute as they are, they run up and down the walls. Try going with a more relaxed dog like a Beagle or Hound.

2.)Be careful when going with “fad breeds” Many times people will look for breeders with dogs that are “in.” Take for instance the Labradoodle. Many affluent families purchased the Labrador retriever mixed with the Poodle and later found out it created an extremely high energy and somewhat aggressive, vocal dog. Many Labradoodles are in pounds today.

3.)Check the dog’s health thoroughly. Much like a used car, you want to get a 50 point inspection when becoming a first time pet owner. Make sure there are no joint issues, the teeth are not decayed, the eyes are bright and shiny and the coat has a healthy feel to it. In doing this you will chose a dog that won’t cost you dearly in vet bills later.

4.)Don’t dismiss an older pooch. If you are a working family, an older person or someone who just likes to lay back and relax, consider getting an older dog. Many times they have several good years in them, are very well house-trained and can give you many long happy sighs of back scratching pleasure.

Make sure you have the time twice a day to take Fido for a walk. Pets love the quality time spent with their owners, and it is also good for their physical health. If you are considering a cat, the maintenance is less; however a good cuddle is always appreciated.

Money comes into play for a rainy day. It is not very often that pets have emergencies and they rarely get “sick.” Although that may be the case, it is always a good idea to have some cash stashed if anything awful happens like an accident or severe illness. No one wants to be faced with the question of needing to put a loved pet down due to financial hardship.

Being a pet owner is unlike anything else! Many say before you become a parent to a child, become the parent to a pet. But remember, much like children, being a pet owner lasts as long as they do.

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